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2017 Ranjini & Krishna’s Residence  |  Vijaynagar, Bangalore | ONGOING

All Rise – Load Bearing Rammed Earth Walls for Vijaynagar Residence


2016 Little Green Cafe
Cafe-Restaurant  |  Museum Road, Bangalore |  2016 COMPLETED

We wanted to bring the values that the team at the little green cafe bring to their plate; health, ecology and authenticity.  Natural materials like lime and clay plasters, together with chemical free paints render each textured wall and ceiling. The wood is upcycled teakwood and antique printer shelves. The woodwork and brass inlay in stone for the floor, the woven cane work for the furniture, and the metal fabrication work for the tables were customized and put together by craftsmen of our city. And the little sky of stars above are vintage lampshades from another era! A special attention has been taken to keep the energy consumption of the cafe to a minimum. All the LED bulbs add up to the consumption of just one bulb of sixty watts! Additionally, we have introduced a passive air cooling system as an alternative to air conditioning, a one of its kind for our city that consumes just one tenth of the energy! Each material in its natural and honest form, with as minimum transformation as possible, come together to give you a comfortable, healthy, and uniquely handcrafted surrounding.

2016 ADITI Organics Office
For Aditi Organic Certifications Pvt. Ltd.
Ecological Office Interiors  |  3000 sqft |  Chord Road, Rajajinagar, Bangalore |  2016 COMPLETED

We love the challenges that every project brings. How does one bring natural techniques of construction into an office space? How does one approach a design which has to reflect the environmental and social values of the firm while being very cost effective and extremely quick to come up? How can one get to feel lime and clay and nature at their workstations every day? And how does one pack in all that into a compact office floor area in a commercial complex at Chord road, Rajajinagar?


2016 Doddagubbi Residence  |  ONGOING


2016 The Bakehouse, Green Theory Cafe
Restaurant Interiors for Green Theory Cafe
Convent Road, Off Residency Road, Bangalore, Bangalore, India  |  2016 COMPLETED

Enriching the sylvan surrounding of Convent road, Green Theory, a resto-café-boutique, is set in an old colonial-style bungalow in the heart of Bangalore. Green Theory is of one Bangalore’s very few 100% vegetarian world cuisine restaurant that serves a vast spread of delicious and organic food. We complemented their menu with some natural techniques for their interiors.


2016 Bhattachar Residence
2900 sqft | Kanakapura Road, Bangalore, India  |  2016 ONGOING

“When earth construction goes very modern…and very mondrian?
Shifting the image of natural, ecological construction towards something very contemporary and very luxury in urban contexts like namma Bengalooru city is what Made In Earth strives for! And what better than when our client and his family asked us to do just that! ”



2016 INDIGO LAB Studio
Denim Research and Design studio
For Shell Apparels Pvt Ltd, Bangalore
6000sq ft |  Doddaballapur  |  2016 ONGOING

” Worn as the fabric of hard honest work, and as the expression of angry rebellion; used for the sails of Columbus’ ships in legend; and worn by American cowboys in fact. – A Short History of Denim, © 2014 Lynn Downey. A Denim Factory as our site with state of the art facilities for sustainable denim production practices is not only inspiring, this project is almost addictive.  To research on our natural building techniques together with the factory byproducts to create a personalized indigo material palette, to complement their vision with ours and create a neutral studio space for textile designers from around the globe.”




2015 Brick Kiln House
For NSR Builders

In collaboration with  : NELE
With Compressed stabilised earth blocks, Earth plaster,  Thatch Roof  |  Model Residence Unit  |  700sft  |  Malur, Kolar  |  2015 COMPLETED


2016 Cubbon Kiosks

3 Kiosks of 288 sq ft each, beneath the bamboo in the heart of Bangalore City; Cubbon Park  | COMPLETED
Where steel, recycled palette wood, bamboo, earth and lime complement each other.
For JAIVIK Krishik Society, HOPCOMS and Nurserymen Co-operative Society, State Department of Horticulture, Government of Karnataka

Requiring quick assembling and disassembling, the temporal nature of the project has driven its form and material palette. The steel structure clothed in plaster panels, recycled pine wood and bamboo boards was almost completely prefabricated and assembled together on site.

 open copy



2016 Crafting the JJ Maternity Hospital
For JJ Maternity Hospital
Maternity Hospital   |  7000sq ft |  Hyderabad, India  |  2016 ONGOING

“The patient should feel like being in a temple, an Aayalam”, Dr. Jayanthi told us, “the hospital should be earthy and calm. A center for healing and birth. Something that can serve as a landmark for both medicine and architecture.” These are the words with which we are working towards building an out-patient unit for a maternity hospital in Kalyanagar, Hyderabad City.
It will be a five story building in earth 🙂

JJ Interior copy



2016 Some Depth and Green
Tadelakt natural plasters for the interiors of an organic store
For Depth and Green, Mysore
With TadelaktLime Plaster |  Organic Store   |  75 sq ft of wall surface |  Mysore, India  |  Completed

There is probably no comparison to the sheer skill and patience required to create the luxurious feel of Tadelakt. This sacred traditional practice that originates from Morocco, is passed on through word of mouth, from artisan to artisan. It has today, fascinated the imagination of modern artisans and architects who are inspired by the fantastic walls of the Marrakesh Palaces that have remained virtually unchanged for centuries!






2015 Kashi School
A School in Earth
For the Kashi Education Society
With Adobes, Earth plaster, TadelaktLime Plaster, Rammed earth, Stone masonry  |  School   |  8000sq ft |  Benaras, Uttar Pradesh, India  |  2015 Ongoing

We imagine children running, walking along walls, a casual finger trailing a texture or a motif along a wall, stopping to peep through a little window unto the green fields, escaping into a class and resurfacing somewhere else, oblivious to the building around them.
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2015 Aloke’s Residence
For NSR Builders

In collaboration with  : NELE
With Compressed stabilised earth blocks, Earth plaster,  Arches Vaults and Domes | Residence  |  2000sft  |  Malur, Kolar  |  2015 ON SITE





2015 Belavala Organic Farmer’s Training Center
For Belavala Foundation
With Rammed earth and Wattle and Daub  |  2500 sq ft  |  Belagola, Srirangapatna, India  |  2015 Ongoing






2015 Cute and Care
For Suma and Shubha
With Adobes, Earth plaster, Lime Plaster, Earth Floor   |  Residence   |  700sq ft |  Seegehalli, Bangalore  | 2015 Ongoing

It seems to us that this is the perfect place for a small adobe home, as we have wonderful soil as well as a local skill set to produce Adobes. Follow this thread to see how these designs evolve as we walk Suma and Shubha, gradually towards their dream.

2015 Cute and Care
Subsum farmhouse




2015 Cuckoo Forest School
40 Volunteers coming together to build the Cuckoo Forest School
In collaboration with  : Cuckoo Movement for Children, Varun Thautam
With Earth plaster, Lime Plaster, Earth workshop, Adobes, Arches, Vaults, Domes  |  School  | Singarapettai, Tamil Nadu  |  2015  COMPLETED

They were of varied professions: Architects, Engineers, IT professionals, farmers, psychologists, journalists, photographers, theatre artists, entrepreneurs, writers, even aspiring cricketers. No two artists had the same story to tell. They all seemed to be exuberantly glowing in their own ways. No two volunteers had the same reason to come.
But all of them had one thing in common.
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(Photo credits : Neal Karthik, Cuckoo Forest Workshop Volunteer)
Read more about this project by Kaveer Rai



in collaboration

Made In Earth has had the opportunity to create together with our earthbuilding friends from around the world. Through sharing of our values, methods and skills; such collaborations bring ideas, inspiration and opportunities to explore new ways to build.


2014 Castle Kiosk, Portugal
For the Municipality of Montemoro Novo, Portugal
Together with Touraterre & Oficinas do Convento
With Compressed stabilised earth blocks, Earth plaster, Arches & Vaults In Earth  |  300sqft  |  Castle premises, Montemoro Novo


2014 Rise of the Rabbit, Tri Postal, Avignon, France

An architects’s office for Association Casa-HAS
In collaboration with  : Touraterre
With Earth & Straw, Recycled wood, Earth plaster  |  Earth Studio |  Architect Office   |  25 sft  |  Avignon, France  |  Autumn 2014  completed

It is a different energy to have a challenge and to sweat towards it all together.
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2014 Rise of the rabbit


2014 Baraka Organic Restaurant, Lille, France

Earth Plaster interiors for the Baraka Co-operative
In collaboration with  : Chenelet, Baraka Co-operative
With Earth & Straw, Earth plaster, Lime PlasterEarth Studio |  Restaurant  |  1000 sft  |  Roubaix, France  |  Autumn 2014  completed

Take a big dose of social entrepreneurship
Gather a handful of people willing to put their money together in a meaningful project
Add a jar of social involvement with unemployed people of the area
Mix the whole thing with a strong ecological approach
Add a big spoon of dream and a teaspoon of madness

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2014 Baraka Organic Restaurant



2014 Restoration of a countryside home, Toulouse, France
For Madam Beauchamps
In collaboration with  : SCOP Inventerre (a cooperative of artisans and builders from the south of France)
With Adobe, Earthen floor, Earth plaster, Tadelakt  |  Residence  |  2500sft  |  Toulouse, France  |  Autumn 2014 completed

An Aesthetic that is natural, subtle, and simple; adapting itself to the diversity of techniques, cultural aspirations and skills; sometimes in response to tradition, while sometime contemporary.
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2014 Chenelet Earth Plaster Workshop, Landrethun Le Nord, France
Exterior Earth Plastering of a community housing (built using strawbales and earth) by training the local construction team.
In collaboration with  :  Chenelet
With Earth & Straw, Earth plaster, Lime Plaster Earth Studio |  Housing  |  6000 sft  |  Landrethun-le-nord, France  |  Summer 2014  completed

Handmade with care, handmade in earth.

2014 Earth and Straw Community Housing

2014 Ecological Bus-stop Prototype, Leubringhen, France
For the Townhall of Leubringhen
Demonstration of ecological materials in a public space with a bus-stop for the village of Leubringhen
In collaboration with  : Chenelet
With Compressed Stabilized Earth Blocks (CSEB), Recycled Wood, Green Roof  | Bus-stop  |  8 sft  |  Leubringhen, France  |    completed

2014 Bus stop prototype



EARTH STUDIO – Hands On Workshop

At Made in Earth, we strongly believe that natural building techniques must be made accessible to all.  The urge to learn, inform and share are the roots of the ‘Earth Studio’ where we hope to create a platform to experiment, play, learn and uncover more about the understanding of clay and the fun of creating with ecological materials.


2016 Adobe Cubes, a design and build workshop by Team MIE
Together with the students, we brought some adobe and tadelakt to RR College of Architecture.
And somewhere in between these little cubes of soil and sweat, we heard this;
“ಮಚ್ಚಾ, ಐದು ವರ್ಷ ಆದ್ರೂ ಇದನ್ನ ನೋಡಿ ನಮ್ಮನ್ನ ನೆನ್ಪುಸ್ಕೊಬೇಕೋ!”
“Super Macha! We are artisans now! Aren’t we?”


Coverpage website small


2016 Hands on Mud – Introducing the diversity of earth building techniques, NIT, Trichy
When you build with earth, you have to get your hands into it!
Here are glimpses from a series of HANDS-ON workshops;
introducing various earth building techniques to students of Architecture,
at Archcult, National Institute of Technology, Trichy.
With Adobes | Rammed earth | Wattle and Daub | Straw and Clay | at National Institute of Technology, Trichy | March 2016
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IMG_9542 copy


2015 Natural Plaster Workshop, RR School Of Architecture
A hands-on workshop to introduce the art of Natural Plasters to students of Architecture
With Earth plaster, Natural Plaster, Lime Plaster Earth Studio |  Yeshwanthpur, Bangalore  |  November 2015
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2015 Tadelakt, a Moroccan Marvel
A hands-on workshop on an earth building site to introduce the art of Tadelakt
In collaboration with  :  Varun Thautam
With Earth plaster, TadelaktLime Plaster Earth Studio |  Hebbal, Bangalore  |  2015

There is a certain magic in working with natural materials, there is life in using earth and lime. There is a large palette to play with, but it was not until I learnt about Tadelakt, the Moroccan marvel technique, did I discover the pure class of craftsmanship in earth.
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2015 An Introduction to Natural Plasters
A hands-on workshop on natural plasters on an earth building site
In collaboration with  :  Varun Thautam
With Earth plaster, TadelaktLime Plaster Earth Studio |  Residence  |  Hebbal, Bangalore  | 2015 Completed

It was no regular kitchen,
And we called it the Earth kitchen;
It was no regular food,
We call it Natural plaster;

earth plaster workshop