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1. PROJECTS - 2015 Cow shelter at Belavala -


Here is the old grandma we received last week. No disrespect in calling her that… she has already a few years of hard-work behind her and after pressing Earth blocks for a few houses she really required a makeover!
We just settled in south India, in a village 12 km from Mysore where we are planning on building a cow shed and staff quarters for our small organic farm. An opportunity for us to take the time to explore different construction techniques with the local materials and skills.
This Mardini Press might not be the next candidate for some high-tech award but it is robust, extremely simple and can produce up to 500 compressed earth blocks per day which is more than enough for our needs.
It could be an alternative for the COB technique which has been used locally for ages but is labor intensive and comes with more structural restrictions. We will definitely explore the possibilities of rammed earth, adobe, as well and keep you updated.
We just wanted to share with you our excitement after producing our first brick with this newcomer!
Happy New Year 2015 to everybody! Keep creating, keep sharing.





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