2018 Clay Station Studio

Clay Station Ceramics Studio | Sadashivnagar, Bangalore Our first time working with a building technique that beautifully illustrates the flexibility, ease of production and adaptability of earth architecture; Wattle and Daub, a traditional building method made it's way into one of our projects at Sadashivanagar, Bangalore.

2017 Samvada Baduku College Campus

ONGOING | For Samvada Baduku (http://samvadabaduku.org/) Kanakapura Road, Bangalore Designed like a maze, imagined like a village. The Baduku Community College was founded by Samvada to carve out careers from social and ecological needs. The college addresses young peoples’ aspirations for meaningful livelihoods by creating opportunities for them to enter and influence socially-critical professions based on present needs and the current context. The architectural intent for their new college campus is to reflect this vision and materialize the values of sustainability, inclusiveness and continuous learning.

2017 Pavan & Shefali Residence

ONGOING | BANGALORE A load bearing rammed earth house whose facade opens out towards the north. This project is an opportunity to take our research in rammed earth a few steps forward.

2017 Little Green Cafe

Cafe interiors | Museum Road, Bangalore The Little Green Cafe is thoughtfully designed and hand crafted to reflect the values that the team at Green Theory bring to their plate; health, ecology and authenticity. Additionally, we have introduced a passive air cooling system as an alternative to air conditioning, that consumes just one tenth of the energy, a one of its kind for our city!

2017 Indigo Lab Studio

ONGOING | Denim Research & Design Studio in the state of the art denim factory | Shell Apparels Pvt Ltd, Bangalore ” Worn as the fabric of hard honest work, and as the expression of angry rebellion; used for the sails of Columbus’ ships in legend; and worn by American cowboys in fact." A Denim Factory as our site with state of the art facilities for sustainable denim production practices is not only inspiring, this project is almost addictive. To research on our natural building techniques together with the factory byproducts to create a personalized material palette, to complement their vision with ours and create a neutral studio space for textile designers from around the globe.

2017 FABLAB Makers Space

ONGOING | Coimbatore The Fablab project at Coimbatore is a makerspace with facilities for robot and electronic prototyping, woodwork, moulding, casting and metalwork. The project has revolved around reuse of existing metal structures from a greenhouse that had been on site. This repurposed metal framework will house unstabilised adobe walls inside. Solar panels that are tilted towards the south create a staggered profile that allows good northlight to light up the Maker’s Space.

2017 Bhattachar Residence

ONGOING | Residential | Kanakapura Road, Bangalore When earth construction goes very modern…and very mondrian? Shifting the image of natural, ecological construction towards something very contemporary and very luxury in urban contexts like Namma Bengaluru city is what Made In Earth strives for! And what better than when our client and his family asked us to do just that!

2017 Aditi Organics Office

Office Interiors | Rajajinagar, Bangalore A choreography of natural materials for the interiors of Aditi Organics Office in Bangalore, India. The site was a 3000 sft empty shell on the first floor of another concrete building in Bangalore city. Walled on three sides, with structural glazing to the west, it overlooks the beautiful canopies of Gulmohar trees together with the mighty ramp of a concrete flyover in the distance. This is a typical illustration of Bangalore's predicament; striving to be the IT hub while trying to retain its identity as the garden city of India.

2017 A Residence in Rammed Earth

ONGOING | Residential | Vijaynagar, Bangalore Rammed earth is very relevant in the realm of urban earth construction. Its compressive strength in slender sections makes it comparable to RCC verticals.The Vijaynagar house is one of those tight urban projects where every square inch of space matters. On a small site in West Bangalore, this is a three floor load bearing Rammed earth structure with RCC Slabs and various natural finishes.

2016 The Three Kiosks of Cubbon

3 Kiosks of 300 sq ft each, beneath the bamboo in the heart of Bangalore City; Cubbon Park | Organic Store | Public Building | For JAIVIK Krishik Society, HOPCOMS and Nurserymen Co-operative Society, Department of Horticulture, Government of Karnataka. Where steel, recycled palette wood, bamboo, earth and lime complement each other. Requiring quick assembling and disassembling, the design was a result of dabbling in material options and geometry. Modular triangular framework meant it could almost completely be prefabricated, while it got its skin, its colors and textures from panels of lime plaster and recycled wood.

2016 The Bakehouse

Restaurant Interiors | For Green Theory | Convent Road, Bangalore The old bungalow that hosts the green theory organic restaurant needed a new skin! Quite literally at that. The transformative power of natural plasters soon became evident, even to us! The glow of the earth lime plaster was to soon cover the whole interior of the restaurant rendering it a warm and cozy space for a hearty dinner.

2016 Mettupatti Farmhouse

UNBUILT | Residential The thirteen courtyards of Mettupatti as we like to call it is a design for a farmshouse nestled at the foothills of the Gudamalai in Tamil Nadu. It is designed to blend into its surroundings, overlooking the hills, with vast vaults spanning over rammed earth walls, and thirteen courtyards within.

2016 JJ Maternity Hospital

UNBUILT | Healthcare Centre | Hyderabad “The patient should feel like being in a temple, an Aayalam”, Dr.Jayanthi told us, “the hospital should be earthy and calm. A center for healing and birth. Something that can serve as a landmark for both medicine and architecture.” These are the words with which we are working towards building an out-patient unit for a maternity hospital in Kalyanagar, in the heart of Hyderabad City.

2016 Brick Kiln House

Residential  |  Community Row Housing  | Malur, Bangalore The brick kiln house was our first take on CSEB architecture, hours of puzzling over the bond patterns lead to each brick meticulously being laid out into what would be the model house for NSR Greenwoods. The sight of the brick kilns, omnipresent in the surrounding region of the site captured our imagination.  Clean cuts for the windows, large openings and the composite thatch roof attempt to give new meaning to ‘rustic’ in the contemporary realm.

2015 Shubha Suma Farmhouse

Consulting & Training for natural techniques | Seegehalli, Bangalore "Of Three little pigs, one built a house of straw, another of sticks and the last built his house of bricks. Soon came the days of the big bad wolf, who huffed and puffed and blew the straw house down! He huffed and puffed and blew the stick house down, but try as he might, he couldn’t blow the brick house down. The other two piglets resented not having built a brick house and did so soon after, and they lived happily ever after." There are two blatant lies in this story.

2015 Residence for Aloke

Consultancy for Compressed Stabilised Earth Blocks and Building with Arches | Residential | Malur, Bangalore One of our early projects for consultancy on earth building techniques, here we have used CSEBs and Arches for a residence project in Malur. This project was in collaboration with architecture firm Nele.

2015 Kashi Primary School

Kashi Primary School | Benaras, Uttar Pradesh  |  Unbuilt We imagine children running, walking along walls, a casual finger trailing a texture or a motif along a wall, stopping to peep through a little window unto the green fields, escaping into a class and resurfacing somewhere else, oblivious to the building around them.

2015 Cuckoo Forest School

School Library Building | Design & build Workshop| Singarapettai, Tamil Nadu In collaboration with  : Cuckoo Movement for Children, Varun Thautam 40 Volunteers coming together to build the Cuckoo Forest School They were of varied professions: Architects, Engineers, IT professionals, farmers, psychologists, journalists, photographers, theatre artists, entrepreneurs, writers, even aspiring cricketers. No two artists had the same story to tell. They all seemed to be exuberantly glowing in their own ways. No two volunteers had the same reason to come. But all of them had one thing in common.  

2015 Castle Kiosk

Design & Build Project | Montemoro, Portugal In the summer months of 2014, the team at Made In Earth had an incredible opportunity to explore earth architecture in the wonderful context of Montemoro in Portugal. One and a half hours East from Lisbon is little artistic village of Montemor-o-Novo. Mix dramatic weather conditions with unexpected news from the archeologial council, add a little earth and mix it well, and you will get a feeling of the athmosphere in which the workshop started.

2014 Rise of the Rabbit

Architects's office for Association Casa-HAS | In collaboration with Touraterre Avignon, France “The rabbit will not only have a life in cardboard and drawings but will actually have a wooden skeleton with an earth and straw filling!" The project is a call for attention towards the street; the volume unfolds beyond the old industrial courtyard, by raising its head beyond the fence. Wooden structure filled with earth and straw, the unique form attracts curiosity, it is a transition between the city and the different actors of this big and vivid rehabilitation project.

2014 Restoration of a countryside home, France

Residential | In collaboration with  : SCOP Inventerre (a cooperative of artisans and builders from the south of France) An Aesthetic that is natural, subtle, and simple; adapting itself to the diversity of techniques, cultural aspirations and skills; sometimes in response to tradition, while sometime contemporary.

2014 Ecological Bus-stop Prototype

In the summer of 2014, we developed a prototype for a bus-stop in the village of Leubringhen, to be used by students and travelers in the region. “An opportunity to demonstrate ecological materials in a public space” was the brief given to us by the townhall.

2014 Chenelet Homes

In the summer of 2014, the community homes at Chênelet in the North of France received a makeover. Our 10-day mission was to coordinate and train a team of 6 employees from Chênelet to restore 80 sq meters of clay plastered walls.

2014 Baraka Organic Restaurant

  2014 Baraka Organic Restaurant | Restaurant Interiors | Roubaix, France The Baraka Co-operative could be considered as the ideal recipe for sustainable architecture and development; Take a big dose of social entrepreneurship, Gather a handful of people willing to put their money together in a meaningful project, add a jar of social involvement with unemployed people of the area, mix the whole thing with a strong ecological approach. Add a big spoon of dreams and a teaspoon of madness.