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We love earth, we love creating with it!
Made In Earth is an architecture studio and construction practice promoting an architecture with a lesser impact on our environment. We work with local, natural building materials and techniques, with a taste for experimentation. We especially use earth to create contemporary expressions and strongly promote minimal environmental impact of the entire building process. We believe in an architecture that is simple and sensible; created with an understanding of the soil on which it exists; with an exploration of the materials from its place; and in collaboration with the skills and the imagination of its people. Across countries and across generations, people are finding new alternatives to live a little better, to live a little closer to the environment. If it gives us the desire, the appetite and the curiosity to learn, to push boundaries and to create, we promise to share it with you here and we hope these projects will do the same to you!

Our team of architects and engineers are based in Bangalore, South India and can be reached here.

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Shruthi Ramakrishna

An artist at heart whose brush tips are accustomed to peculiar window details. She is a woman who wears many hats, while simultaneously juggling them with her left hand, as she schedules a meeting with her right. A sharp eye for design, a deep love for creating with earth and a keen eye to watch out for her teammates, it’s almost as if her only weakness is a pack of imli toffees. Trained as an architect from RV School of Architecture, Bangalore, her passion for earth construction was born at the Auroville Earth institute. She then practiced as an architect in France for 2 years, specialising in sustainable design for social housing and public spaces. Back in India, she lived and worked for 2 years with the artisans of Kutch, Gujarat (Personal Blog – Made In Kachchh). The proximity that she developed with the local practices, culture, materials and skills is today a strong inspiration for the kind of architecture promoted by Made In Earth; close to the people, the place and its environment.

Jérémie Gaudin

A tool loving, tech crazy gizmo geek, who can whip up a fine carpentry table or a program to tell you the optimum wooden member lengths for the same. Crazily in love with earth, his systematic calculations may seem too jumbled at times but when it comes to matters of the heart, Jeremie is a straight arrow. Trained as an urban systems engineer in France, Denmark and Spain, he has specialized in climate sensitive design and natural building techniques. The Auroville Earth Institute sharpened his knowledge and love for earth as a building material. Jeremie has worked in France for 3 years in R&D of earth materials, production and techniques. He has been the training coordinator for programs promoting sustainable building techniques. India being very close to his heart, he has worked for 2 years in Kutch, Gujarat, in an urban development project; bringing it all together at Made In Earth.

Agnimitra P Bachi

With a dozen ideas per minute and an insatiable taste for experimentation, Agni can make anything happen. Come, take a seat and have a sip of coffee; his generosity, intuition and humor will make the journey pleasant but surely full of surprises! Agni graduated from the School of Planning and Architecture, New Delhi. Early in his education, he developed a taste for sustainability when he worked with the Center for Science and Environment on alternative building practices. His fascination for ‘simply beautiful’ designs took him to Srilanka where he worked with Architect Anjalendran , in close proximity to Geoffrey Bawas works, to which he attributes much of his design sensibilities. Agni is also a graphic designer, part time comedian, theatre enthusiast and co-founder of the BlackBox movement in Delhi; his rich personality and energy brings the fire to Made In Earth.

Ajinkya Unhale

Master yoda was probably Ajinkya’s guide in another life. He is the serene force of the team, his master strokes always comes at the right time to wrap up the game and finalise a project. Design challenges had better watch out…”It’s clobberin’ time!”
Ajinkya graduated from R.V school of Architecture in 2010 and dove right into the construction of a rammed earth house in North Bangalore. He then worked with prominent offices in the city on a wide range of projects from Hospital to Factories. In 2011, he moved to Auroville for four years, learning from Architect Dharmesh Jadeja and the Buildaur/Dustudio team.
His eagerness to bring back his learnings to the mainstream building industry in a metropolitan such as Bangalore took him to Unishire, one of the fastest growing real estate companies. It is this bridge between sustainable approaches and their context in an ever growing urban centre like ours; that Made In Earth shouts out for today.


Santhosh Shyamsundar

Santhosh is our in-house romantique. He derives energy from everything around him and seems to have tasted the seven seas. Ask him and he will indulge you with nuances of their mysterious depths. His love for earth is evident in how he describes his travels to the adobe homes of the nubra valley in the Himalayas & his discoveries of traditional building practices at the foothills of Jawadu. His instincts in knowing when carbonation in lime is just right for tadelakting or when clay in the soil is just enough for plastering, is preceded by how he instinctively knows and understands his teammates. He trained at made in earth during his fourth year, and after completing his architecture studies from the School of Planning & Architecture – Chennai, returned to share his passion with us. This fundamental connect, together with his exhaustive knowledge in gastronomy, serves as a subtle reminder of all that we love and live for at Made In Earth.

So proud and inspired to work together with this incredible team, our mienions!

Aditi Subramanian
Devashree Jadeja
Neeraj Chithrakoodam
Sachin Srikanth
Srisai Srinivasan
 Vishnupriya Viswanathan


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