2023 The herd is Calling

Four Aanes are gracefully gathering around a serene watering hole at Ohana. Drawing on the timeless wisdom of the Soligas, indigenous guardians of the forests, and the expertise of farmers from Mysore region, we have gathered not only the materials but also the traditional knowledge needed to make these incredible classrooms.

2018 Wattle & Daub

Wattle and daub beautifully illustrates the flexibility, ease of production and adaptability of earth architecture; So if you are curious about earth construction, about natural plasters, in for some fun with mud, bamboo and straw, then do join us. To register, visit madeinearth.in/hands-on

2018 Murals with Natural Plasters

A two-day workshop, making murals on campus with natural plasters with the students of RV College of Architecture, Bangalore.

2017 Introduction to Natural Plasters

A one day workshop to get introduced to and indulge in the world of natural finishes. Understand the basics of natural plasters at the construction site of a contemporary earth house in adobe, designed by Made in Earth in Doddagubbi, Bangalore.

2016 Tadelakt at Depth & Green

For the first time ever, the Tadelakt, a natural lime plaster technique from Morocco!! For the interiors of an organic bakery/cafe in Mysore. An intense 3day workshop to understand and work with this magical technique in the finishing layer of a lime plaster.

2016 Open Day at Green Theory

So much clay finding its way into Green Theory Cafe, Residency Road, Bangalore! Come, discover and learn about working with clay for your interiors at the Green Theory Cafe, Concent Road, Bangalore.

2016 Hands on mud workshop at NIT Trichy

When you build with earth, you have to get your hands into it! Here are glimpses from a series of HANDS-ON workshops; introducing various earth building techniques to students of Architecture, at Archcult, National Institute of Technology, Trichy.

2016 Adobe Cubes

An installation in adobe and tadelakt at the RR College of Architecture

2015 Introduction to Natural Plasters

A plaster that breathes, regulates temperature and humidity inside the building, absorbs both noise and odors and that ages beautifully with time. Add to that the infinite possibilities in aesthetics; Coloured or Natural, smooth or grainy, regular or patterned, contemporary or rustic; earth plaster is irresistible! Anybody can create natural plasters with the soil from their place, a dose of creativity, a trowel of motivation, and a little bit of experience. Come and learn with us!

2015 Creative Plasters

Hands On workshop on the innumerable textures that can be created using natural plasters

2015 Build the Cuckoo School

The Cuckoo Movement for Children is an informal group of friends and volunteers who has been working with rural children of Tamil Nadu since 2004. They have established libraries and nurseries in villages across the state, organizing plenty of creative activities. Over the years, the dream of the Cuckoo movement members to establish an alternative school dedicated to rural children has grown bigger and bigger. And it is about to come true! They need your help to build the first structure on the site!

2015 Basics of Clay

To work with earth in architecture, you have to understand the most fundamental of components in our soil; CLAY.