Earthly Yours is our natural plasters adventure. We are a team of artisans & designers rooted in sustainability and craftsmanship. We research, design, revive & build with natural materials & traditional techniques. Together with clay and lime, we create spaces that rhyme with ecology and handmade; in an aesthetic that is simple and timeless. Every square feet of plaster that we make is unique, for the beauty of the craft lies in minute variations in textures created by the movement of the hand.

Bringing natural finishes into our interiors opens a new world of possibilities. Natural plasters and paints are made mostly of materials directly available in nature and which require little or no energy for their processing. They are therefore more healthy and eco-friendly. They can be categorised in two large families: lime based finishes and clay based finishes. The use of natural finishes eliminates exposure to VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds found in chemical paints, varnishes, etc) and in fact, have a positive impact on the air since they help in the regulation of humidity and temperature. The possibility of adding natural fibres in the plaster mix can also help in thermal comfort of our interiors, especially in hot and dry climates. Clay based plasters also have the natural ability to absorb excess of humidity in the air and release it slowly, contributing to overall comfort of our interiors.

The principle virtue of earth as a building material lies in its aesthetics, one that is natural, subtle and simple. Natural Plasters are easy to use and allows one to play with a lot of different textures and colours. Eliminating the need for a chemical paint over it, these renders can be sponge finished, smooth or trowel finished, rough or brush finished, hand finished, fibrous, plain, grainy, and together with natural colour pigments; the options are infinite!

The aesthetic also comes from the beauty in its imperfection. No two plasters or finishes are the same, the craftsmanship will express in the minute variations of texture and colours created by the movement of the hand, the strokes of the tools and the time taken to render the finish. This touch makes it unique and inimitable. The appreciation of this aesthetic is essential if one were to move away from the aseptic, standardized monotony of industry produced paints. When applied with imagination and in the right context, natural plasters can change the meaning of wall, ceiling and floor finishes as we understand it today. They can not only give your space an earthy handmade touch, but also bring in a sense of timelessness.

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