“Come walk with us.
We are coming back from our villages,
our farms,
our forests.
We have shared a meal with shepherds, priests, farmers,
whittled down bushes into sticks,
stitched quilts out of gourds,
ground tamarind seed with paper.
Everyday people.
Everyday materials.
A meeting of the familiar,
and the mysterious.”

The Making of KANAJAS, the story of three granaries;
a space installation for Serendipity Art Festival,
Panjim December 2022.

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Made In Earth Collective
We are a team of architects and artisans, based in Bangalore and along the Kaveri belt. 
Our work is rooted in our materials. We promote an architecture that is closer to people,
the environment and the resources of a place. We work with natural building materials and
techniques with a taste for experimentation and innovation. Together with clay, lime and stories
from our region, we indulge in conversations between the obvious and the obscure, the community
and the craftsmen, between the material and the maker. And with this continuous dialogue,
we love to create expressions that are new, meaningful and environment friendly. 
You can reach us at Contact.