Forbes India – “The Ochre House” Nominated for “Best Architecture : Social Impact Projects 2019”

Indian Architect & Builder – “Young Designers 2019” awarded for “ADITI Organics Office”.





Bengaluru Architects Return to Their Roots to Build Green Homes For The Future | The Better India | June 2019
In this free-wheeling conversation with The Better India, we discuss Made In Earth’s inception, challenges, what it means to be sustainable, and its vision for the future. What stands out is how this team is living, working, and breathing earth.

Putting Earth On The Map | Pool Magazine Issue #97 | September 2018
Three young architects from India – Shruthi Ramakrishna, Agnimitra Bachi & Ajinkya Unhale, & one urban systems engineer from France – Jeremie Gaudin give expression to their passion for working with natural materials through the Bangalore based Made In Earth Collective.

15 Architecture Firms in India practising Sustainable and Vernacular Architecture | Rethinking the future

The original mud wall | The Hindu | April 2018

Not just another brick in the wall : 10 Indian Architects who are building sustainable homes| | July 2017
There is a breed of Indian architects who are going against the grain and exploring sustainability as a defining feature of their work..Read more.

Building For A Sustainable Future Using Natural Solutions| | July 2017
Is it possible to build on a landscape, take away from it, and yet be able to leave it more beautiful than it was originally? These are the thoughts in my head as my hands, coated with cool, wet earth caress the walls of a cafe while with a slow sway, my body joins in. This is seriously therapeutic business..Read more.

Check out the ‘Cubbon Kiosks’ | The Hindu | September 2016

Building Green Blocks | Bangalore Mirror | May 2016
Find out how an architecture studio is reinventing traditional techniques in an attempt to reduce our footprint on the planet.

Earthly Yours | Decorama Magazine | 2015 December
Shruthi Ramakrishna, Co-founder, Made in Earth Collective, an architecture studio based in Bengaluru, writes about the infinite options that natural plasters have to offer.

An Earthy Inclination | Young Turks | Antarya Magazine | 2015 December
For architect, Shruthi Ramakrishna & urban systems engineer, Jeremie Gaudin; given their strong inclination towards earth construction and energy saving techniques, their firm Made In Earth Collective, was a natural outcome!

Clay Clan | The New Indian Express | 2015 July
The Cuckoo Movement builds their first school via a 10-day workshop, where volunteers get to learn a green life skill.

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