“The patient should feel like being in a temple, an Aayalam”, Dr.Jayanthi told us, “the hospital should be earthy and calm. A center for healing and birth. Something that can serve as a landmark for both medicine and architecture.” These are the words with which we are working towards building an out-patient unit for a maternity hospital in Kalyanagar, in the heart of Hyderabad City. It will be a five story building in earth 🙂

The project brief is very clear. The thoughts expressed by our client is our driving force in redefining how we look at healing spaces today. We need to keep a functioning hospital while we work around the challenging requirements, to make a space that speaks for itself, together with its purpose, together in earth.

Healthy, breathing, natural, durable, low energy consumption and low environmental impact for mining, processing, transportation, construction and destruction; only one material fulfills all these criterias to near perfection : Earth.

And what better place to explore sustainable design than a hospital!
A healing center can be truly healing if the materials that it uses and the systems on which it relies have a positive impact,
on the people who build it,
the patients who come for consultation,
the doctors and nurses and staff who work there every day,
and for the environment as a whole!

“How does earth architecture render itself as a response to large scale public projects in the core of urban Indian cities?, we ask ourselves.
And as we dive deeper into one of our most challenging projects, we couldn’t wait to share with you a tiny glimpse into what our team is working on.

JJ Interior copy
an interior view of the waiting room adjacent to consultancy rooms 3 and 4