A Journey To Begin With

(by Santosh Prabhu, Team MIE 2017) A kiosk in the middle of the Cubbon park… Something that’s simple, modular, a breeze to fabricate, assemble and at the same time, secure and solid. Amusingly, this was the brief we had in our hand, when we started our most personal project so far. To start with such […]

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Brick Kiln House

Residential  |  Community Row Housing  | Malur, Bangalore The brick kiln house was our first take on CSEB architecture, hours of puzzling over the bond patterns lead to each brick meticulously being laid out into what would be the model house for NSR Greenwoods. The sight of the brick kilns, omnipresent in the surrounding region […]

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The Indigo Lab

Denim Research & Design Studio in the state of the art denim factory | Shell Apparels Pvt Ltd, Bangalore ”Worn as the fabric of hard honest work, and as the expression of angry rebellion; used for the sails of Columbus’ ships in legend; and worn by American cowboys in fact.” A Denim Factory as our […]

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2018 Wattle & Daub

A building technique that beautifully illustrates the flexibility, ease of production and adaptability of earth architecture; Wattle and daub is a traditional building method that is peeking into one of our projects at Sadashivanagar, Bangalore. So if you are curious about earth construction, about wattle and daub, about natural plasters, in for some fun with […]

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2016 Hands On Mud

Introducing Earth building at NIT,Trichy When you build with earth, you have to get your hands into it! Here are glimpses from a series of HANDS-ON workshops; introducing various earth building techniques to students of Architecture, at Archcult, National Institute of Technology, Trichy. The Diversity of Earth Architecture Earth is the oldest and has been […]

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3 comments on Raw Earth Building Workshop in France – II Design Process and Jury

Raw Earth Building Workshop in France – II Design Process and Jury

“There was an incredible will from the group of architects, and the entire process was very democratic.” Late nights of design and discussion, lots of cutting, sticking, crunching, debating and starting over again. The entire design process lasted a week begining with a competition between the architects to present a proposal for the cabin.  The […]

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