The Little Green Cafe

We wanted to bring the values that the team at the little green cafe bring to their plate; health, ecology and authenticity.  Natural materials like lime and clay plasters, together with chemical free paints render each textured wall and ceiling. The wood is upcycled teakwood and antique printer shelves. The woodwork and brass inlay in […]

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An Electropop Ballet

A choreography of natural materials for the interiors of Aditi Organics Office in Bangalore, India The site was a 3000 sft empty shell on the first floor of another concrete building in Bangalore city. Walled on three sides, with structural glazing to the west, it overlooks the beautiful canopies of Gulmohar trees together with the […]

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3 comments on Raw Earth Building Workshop in France – I Introduction

Raw Earth Building Workshop in France – I Introduction

“It is a different energy to have a challenge and to sweat towards it all together.” In the month of September 2014, we worked on an exciting project in the South of France, together with 10 architects from across Europe and the association Touraterre. (Friends from Touraterre started their association with a journey: a travel from […]

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